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"Our mission is to provide high quality products that are completely safe and comfy for your dog"

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Most frequent questions

Can i order a custom made item?

Sure! We love to create custom items. Send us a message on Instagram so we can chat about your wishes - @dogstoriesofficial

Which size does my dog need?

To be sure about the sizing, the best thing you can do is measure. Use our Size Guide page to pick the right size.




If you have the right collar size in cm. Add 5cm to this measurement and you'll find the right neck size for a harness. *the neck strap fits lower on the neck than a collar.

Example: Collar size is 25/26cm + 5cm extra = 31/32cm
Choose the size S harness.

How long will it take to create my order?

Normally it takes 5 to 7 business days to process your order.

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